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The Journey of The Heart is a Community dedicated to exploring Consciousness and to supporting the process of integrating in everyday life the awareness reached through the direct experience of the deepest and the highest states and dimensions of the Being. Guided by the deep belief that everyone who is dedicated to bringing Awareness into his/her life changes the World and willing to share the simple means of spiritual experience with others, Horia and Elena Francisc-Ţurcanu founded The Journey of The Heart Community in 2007.

The name we chose for our Community represents the inner process of every single human being, but also of the entire Humanity, from the spiritual amnesia to the full and enlighten Consciousness of the Inner Master level of the being. It is The Journey towards Awareness, Healing and a Life lived at the fullest magnificence of our Soul, here and now.

The Journey of The Heart is a Community of Consciousness with explorers, therapists and visionary people from all activity fields. People who are working with Expanded States of Consciousness in order to reach a deeper level of Self Awareness, healing and inner transformation. By what we are and do we become part of the change we wish to see in the world.  

We fullfil our mission by organising workshops on Consciousness, seminars, public lectures and events and by publishing books which are valuable tools dedicated to supporting inner transformation process.

Altogether - Consciousness workshops, seminars, public lectures and events - they make the Inner Master School. A School of Presence, of Consciousness and Inner Transformation.

The theoretical level of this School is represented by the Inner Master Books which are valuable therapeutic tools dedicated to supporting inner transformation processes.

We named The Journey of The Heart entire.s purpose - Integral Personal Development. And the knowledge aquired through direct experience we called it - The Inner Master Path.

The Journey of The Heart is our contribution to the transformation of the world we live in.

Our main commitment to Life is to share Consciousness with as many people as possible. Inner transformation means allowing a deep transformation of our level of Consciousness, of the way we are used to feel and to perceive the reality. The Consciousness changes the identity that we assume, the magnitude of our creation in this world, the way we relate to with each other, our physical, energetic, emotional and mental health. The depth of our Consciousness and also of our Love, Compassion, Harmony, Self-Confidence and Trust in the whole Creation gives the final measure of the Autheticity, Creativity, Joy and Abundance we experience in our lives, in this world.

A life lived consciounsly, in deep connection with our inner Truth, this is our ultimate Consacration. Our Experiences, Books, magazine articles, Educational Programs and Conferences are all serving this Consacration. Each and every person who experiences a deep inner transformation changes the global Consciousness.

To live consciounsly, here and now, to enrich the humankind Consciousness by what we are and what we do, to share our experience, to help and support the ones who want and choose to live a life in full Consciousness, this is our ultimate Consacration.

To maintain alive a place where people can directly experience non-ordinary, expanded, States of Consciousness.
To create and develop workshop, seminars, conferences, integral development programs based on the healing potential of the Expanded States of Consciousness. All of them for ontological, therapeutic, spiritual and transformation purposes
To support people in their psycho-spiritual transformation process and also to support them into gently integrate all these processes in their daily life
To educate people in the spirit of The Inner Master.
To guide people towards acknowledging and manifesting their own and unique gifts
To inspire people to find their own way in life and their inner truth
To share with others what knowledge by direct experience means
To share with as many people as possible the inner healing instruments
To share with others the experience, information and tools that defines The Inner Master
Communion. Community. Together is easier!
To become ourselves the change we want to see in the world.

Consciousness – The ultimate mission of every human being
Responsibility – Taking responsibility for your own life
Experience – The only authentic knowledge
Presence – The gate to all dimensions of Being
Sharing – Together is always easier!
Self-Confidence – The miracle that changes the way we feel and perceive the reality
Authenticity – To be ourselves, at our highest potential
Joy – The highest expression of Consciousness
Compassion – The others are our mirrors
Life – The great celebration of all dimension of existence

Horia & Elena Francisc Turcanu
Transpersonal Therapists, Mentors

Horia Francisc Țurcanu (HFT) is a Transpersonal Therapist, a Guide in the expansion of consciousness journeys and a Mentor for those in a psycho-spiritual transformation.

He creates and facilitates Personal Integrated Development workshops. He structured and integrated the assembly of experiential practices and theoretical conclusions named Journey of the Inner Master, and orientations like Conscious Breathing Practice and State of Presence or The Breath of the Heart.

HFT passion is working with the deepest contents of the human psychic and bringing them to Awareness for ontological, therapeutically and interior transformation purposes. He creates and guides Consciousness Exploring Sessions, both personal and in groups. Writer and poet, he published numerous articles, essays, interviews, coverage on transpersonal psychology, personal development, on spirituality and philosophy. He holds Conferences on Expanding States of Consciousness and Spirituality and he is the Creator of The Consciousness Spherical Model, the theoretical foundation of the Inner Master School.

With Elena Francisc Turcanu he is senior editor at the Inner Master Books and co-president of the Association of Transpersonal Therapies. Before creating with EFT The Journey of the Heart he was a journalist, TV documentary and news producer and director.


Elena Francisc Turcanu (EFT) is a Psychologist and a Transpersonal Therapist, a Guide in journeys of Expanded States of Consciousness and a Mentor for those going through a psycho-spiritual emergency. She creates and holds workshops on Integral Personal Development. She structured and synthesized important orientations of the Journey of the Inner Master like The Practice of the Feminine Power, The Dance of the Heart and the Heart Breath.

Her passion is working with vital and physical body’s energies, as a mirror of the entire Body of Consciousness with healing and inner transformation purposes. And a deep passion for working with Sacred Plants. Urban Shaman, she is known as.

A Master in working with the refined energies of Being, a Teacher and a Holistic Healer. She studied with Stanislaf Grof and she brought the Holotropic Breathwork in Romania. Along with Horia Francisc Turcanu she dared to take this method to a new level of depth, experimenting and integrating it into the Journey of the Inner Master.

Her vocation is working with the feminine dimension of Existence. She loves creating Community and Communion as means of collective transformation of the human experience. She guides sessions of exploring Consciousness, sessions of individual and group healing.

She has written many articles on experiential psychology, personal development and spirituality and she holds conferences, workshops and seminars on Expansion of Consciousness and spiritual transformation. She is the creator of Elena Francisc Publishing House and of the Association of Transpersonal Therapies.

Before creating The Journey of The Heart with HEFT she was a Psychologist, a Transpersonal Therapist and The Editor in Chief of an international magazine.

53 Aviator Ștefan Sănătescu, Bucharest, Romania

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