The Journey of The Heart Center

The Journey of The Heart Center is dedicated to exploring consciousness, self-knowledge and integral personal development for therapeutic and ontological purposes. Its mission is to transform human experience through Awareness, to initiate and sustain psycho – spiritual processes and to create a sacred and safe space for working with expanded states of Consciousness. Our ultimate mission is to change the world by the means of inner change of every single being that chooses to do so. The Awareness we talk about is a profound perception of ourselves and of the Reality we create. In this matter, our Center is dedicated to transforming the world through Awareness.

Like a human's heart, our Center has multiple functions and dimensions:

  1. The experience of Expanded States of Consciousness
  2. Therapeutic space
  3. Integral Personal Development
  4. Integral Education
  5. Community function, sharing & support
  6. Conscious creation of Reality
  7. Spiritual experience of Life

The experience of Expanded States of Consciousness

The Journey of The Heart Center is dedicated to understating the inner architecture of our being, through direct experience. The Center organizes Consciousness workshops, seminars, public lectures, courses and more. An important direction of our Center is the Integral Personal Development Program.

The work with Expanded States of Consciousness combines modern trans-personal psychology techniques with ancient instruments of the Sacred. Our programs are structured by level of experience that goes deeper and deeper. Altogether they make the Inner Master School.

Therapeutic space

This space was created for remembering the deep truth about ourselves. Awareness is the only trigger that brings true healing of all our aspects: our body, our energies, our emotions and our mind. Awareness is also a premise to experiencing the finest dimensions of our Spiritual Body.

The Center is a space where people learn to integrate in their lives the revelation they experience during spiritual emergencies or expanded states of Consciousness. It's a space for individual and group work.

The Journey of The Heart Center is a therapeutic space, with personal, trans-personal and integral approaches and more than that: we run integral therapeutic programs for those who intend to make a career in the field of therapy.

Integral Personal Development

Spiritual Awareness and integrating this in our daily life requires a mature ego, well developed and well-balanced.

The Journey of The Heart Center is a place of Integral Personal Development, where psychological work is meant to establish a strong personality, before integrating this personality into a new perspective of our Being. Inner Master is larger and comprehensive dimension of our Being, and this can be integrated in our life only by including the linear personality in its sphere.

Integral Education

Our Center is hosting integral development programs for adults and children. Unlike other approaches this programs have a completely different purpose: the emphases is on the healthy development of one's personality, working with the intuition and imagination, growing self-esteem and trust, the ability to relate with others.

Community function, sharing & support

The Journey of the Heart is a Community dedicated to supporting people in their inner processes. It is open to anyone. From the ones who feel lost and lonely or frightened to the ones who are willing to go deeper in their own healing process. For us the meaning of together is very important. Sharing our experiences with others reveals the fact that we are never alone and people can realize that all of us facing the same challenges. Our Consciousness explorations make people understand they are all part of the big Whole.

The Journey of The Heart is a Community of Consciousness explorers, therapists and facilitators of inner processes, who went through massive changes in their own lives. The Journey of The Heart is an experience shared with everyone that feel the same drive insight: to act towards raising our degree of Awareness in all aspects of our lives.

Conscious creation of Reality

The attributes associated with the Inner Master level of being are: The Presence, The Opening of our mind, The Ability to sense, The Trust in ourselves and in reality, Unrestricted Access to our Vision and The Capacity to implement this vision in our daily life. To create in a conscious way is to create a life full of Joy and fulfillment.

The Journey of The Heart is a Center for Creating reality consciously. Hundreds of people already use the Inner Master tools to create new life experience. There are psychologists and psycho-therapists who redefined their approach by using the simple means of Conscious Breathing in their therapies, excluding medication, there are teachers and educators that attended our programs and now teach children how to cope with their mind and emotions, there are entrepreneurs that changed the way they are making business and engineers who opened the gates of their inner vision and created new systems in their fields.

Inner Mastery has unlimited application. Consciousness is life itself and everything that is. By practicing Awareness we become more and more aware of our own way of creating reality, and more than that, we begin to see the deep logic of the entire Creation, and this realization opens the gates of the unlimited potential of the Conscious creation of Reality.

Spiritual experience of Life

Spirituality is an experience, a way of living. It's not about believing in something, it's about the trust that we put in ourselves, in our own experience. Trust truly opens the gate to bringing Revelation in everyday life.

The mission of The Journey of The Heart Center and of the Inner Master School is to live and share with everyone the simple means of Spiritual experience and to support the complex process of integrating in everyday life of this experience, deeply knowing that everyone who is dedicated to bringing Awareness into his/her life changes the World. The Journey of The Heart provides a clean understanding of Spirituality, naked of any dogma or religious doctrine.

All the programs, workshops, seminars, lectures and conferences held by The Journey of the Heart are united under the name of The Inner Master School. It's mission is the inner transformation through Awareness. To be more aware and learn to live a more conscious life is to be willing to perceive different levels of Consciousness, levels that create the mind-body-spirit continuum.

It is a school of direct experience, of living the deepest and highest dimensions of Consciousness and of integrating those dimensions into the daily life, so that we arrive to express our full potential. The degree of being Aware creates the Identity that we assume in our life. In this way it's a school for transcending different levels of Identity, and for manifesting in our life the creativity, the joy and the vision of Spirit.

The tools that we use in our approach are gathered under the name of “The Practice of Conscious Breathing and of The State of Presence”. This term covers everything that is related to breath-work, working with Attention, techniques that open the gates of perception as a premise for inner transformation. We have developed certain directions of eXperience in our workshops, meant to deepen the therapeutic, ontological and personal development process.

The applied work with altered states of Consciousness favors an inner path that can be seen in all aspects of life: relation with the Self, with the others, the state of physical, energetic, emotional and mental health. It is a school of Authenticity, of inner Trust and of Trust in existence, a School of Joy and Creativity. It is a school that goes much further personal development and reaches the meaningful Spiritual dimension of Being. It is a School of Life. It is a School of Mysteries.

The whole knowledge through experience and transcending different levels of Consciousness have been gathered by the founders in a practical and theoretical system called The Inner Master Path, meant to be useful for everyone who chooses self-knowledge through straight experience.

Like the old schools of mysteries, The Inner Master School has different levels of experience and integration designed to gradually facilitate the exploration of our Being.

The Inner Master Books – Elena Francisc Publishing House and the book shop are the theoretical dimension of The Journey of The Heart Center. This dimension comes to complete and support The Inner Master School.

We publish books that are written by classical and modern experts, books that are meant to support psychological and spiritual transformation processes that people are into. Main criteria for selecting the books is the experience. The authors are always people that explored the Truth by themselves. Main fields of interest are trans-personal psychology and Spirituality. Most of these books are therapeutic tools, truly inspirational. And all are actual guides that help people to understand their own inner transformation processes. The books are also intended to help integrate in the daily life the revelation The books are also intended to help integrate in the daily life the revelation that comes through inner explorations. The titles in our portfolio are the cream from specific fields of interest, like trans-personal psychology, spirituality, philosophy, esotericism, mythology and personal development.

The Book Shop and Tea House are forming, together, an open space, meant for socialization, sharing and Community meetings.


The Association organizes the Inner Master Schools programs: workshops, seminars, public lectures, courses and other events.

It is the Center of our Community. It is an environment for meeting, support, sharing and therapy.

Its members are people with many different expertise: psychologists and psycho-therapists, teachers, educators, economists, businessmen, artists, doctors, physicians, united by one goal: self-knowledge, inner transformation and the integration of Spiritual dimension in our daily life.

The Association of Transpersonal Therapies is a Community of explorers, therapists and guides in inner transformation processes, it's a community of people dedicated to offering their support to everyone that is in a spiritual emergency.


It is the creator of all the programs, directions and practical & theoretical approaches in the The Journey of The Heart.

It is us, Horia & Elena Francisc-Țurcanu, aka HEFT.